Skincare and Make-up

Here I am 51 and just learning that the “high end” skincare and make-up is actually better for your skin. Plus, though it is pricey, it lasts a very long time. 
The only issue: being able to afford the first purchase of the product. Is there a solution? 
Well, I am guessing I will need to stick to the less expensive products. Hmmm…
No. My dermatologist wants me to use the best products that I can afford or save for them because of my skin issues (psoriasis). 
So, save I will! I deserve to take care of all of me 

Choose Wisely

Happy autumn! Today is the day it begins on the calendar. Let’s see when the temperatures cooperate! 

Oh, dear friends. My GI tract is being haunted by an unfriendly sort of virus. I refuse to allow it to get me down though!

Today, I would like to discuss marrying the wrong person. Seriously, the wrong person. Nope, not a drug addict nor an alcoholic. He works all of the time. He tries very hard to be the most wonderful person to me. 

He is manipulative. He is a liar. He is emotionally abusive. He is not a narcissist by the psychological definition, but he is a self-proclaimed narcissist. (It’s truly all about him.) 

He continues to look for a second woman to complete his family. He knows it breaks my heart and I don’t want to be a part of this situation at all, yet he continues. He has been looking for years. 

Why stay? I know I don’t love him as my husband. I still take good care of him and treat him with respect and do all of the wifely things for him. Well, at least most of the time. Sometimes, I find it hard not to snap at him emotionally or react in an unkind manner.

I stay because of God. God does not want us to divorce. Well, at least that is how I read His Word. I can leave and live apart from him until one of us dies, but no divorce. So, I stay and lean on God fully for this situation. I find a way to have peace and happiness and feel fulfilled through God. 

Are there things missing? Yes. Do I feel bad about them? No, not now. I had to grieve over my losses and proceed with life. Does my situation bring me down? Yes, there are times I still cry or become angry over my situation. I chose him though. 

J was NOT God’s plan. He could not have been. I am completely ashamed to state that both of us lied to get the other’s attention in the beginning. I also was becoming older and my vanity reared its ugly head. A younger adorable guy would keep me feeling young. Jokes on me. It didn’t work out that way at all. Not even for a day. The greener pastures were a facade. The dry garden filled with weeds is not nurturing at all. 

I gave up all the good I had to jump into a relationship that seemed golden. Young guy. Brilliant. Successful. Making good money. Terrible center underneath all of the gold foil and pretty paper surrounding the situation. Yet, I chose him.

I sometimes hear my Mom saying, “You made your bed now lie in it.” She is correct. No one told me to make this leap but me. 

Amidst all of the struggle and strife, there is a silver lining to this rain cloud. GOD. God helps me through my pain and sorrow even though I created the mess. The Holy Spirit is within me helping me. Lord Jesus walks in front of me. God remains in charge of it all. I am grateful for the mercy and grace He has shown me over and over and over!! Grateful for each new day. Grateful for all of my blessings. Grateful for the peace and happiness and love and joy and ups and downs and laughter and life I have been blessed with! 

So, dear friends…choose wisely. Let God guide you to love and your spouse. He has a plan and knows what is best for you! 

Love,     j

Thoughts For A New Book

Good day to you friends!

Here I am up late again. Somehow I need to get back on a more normal schedule.

So, I feel a little pressed to write a book (or at least an article) on BDSM. If you are unsure of what that stands for, you can take a look here. Fair warning, it is not for the faint of heart.

BDSM is not a lovely subject. It would not be filled with love and beauty. It would not be easy to read about the truth within the subject. I do feel that God has placed it on my heart to inform others about the lies within that lifestyle.

I am not trying to be off-putting with the basis for this new book. I think people should know the huge amount of lies involved in the lifestyle. How can I tell them? I have lived in that lifestyle and I know how horrible it can be.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? Please feel free to share.

Love, j

What Happened??

How did I allow my life to become a waste? I guess it is not a total waste, but I do not feel as if I have accomplished anything. I am only Mrs. J, the plain uninteresting wife of the brilliant J. *sigh* I want to be more. Is it possible to be more?

You know, reader, he asked me once why being Mrs. J was not enough. I could not give him a good answer. Do I even have one now, for me and you? Probably not.

I am my own person though. I don’t want to be his shadow. Even the Bible allows for more than whatever the man wants me to be for him. YES…I strongly believe being a helpmeet is important. That is what God designed women to be for men. Why am I not content with that position? I am…and I am not.

I have my own set of hopes and dreams! I love to write. I am working on learning to draw much better than I am capable of drawing at the present time. I am starting to learn to program in order to have projects that will earn a little bit of money. (J likes this idea the most! I can earn money AND be there at his ‘beck and call’.) God doesn’t see anything wrong with me learning and helping and being my own person. 

So why have I allowed myself to become the frumpy housewife? Why do I start to learn something that brings me joy and let it fall away? Isn’t there more about me? YES! 

So, BE YOU! Rely on God and Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Not J. Take care of him and the home as you should, girl! Take care of you and what will make you a happier healthier you as well! It is okay to want more. Listen to God though! Do as He says! 

Okay, friends. Let’s see where this goes over time ❤ 



The Drive

Howdy, my dear friends ❤


Today I drove back from California. I was in Culver City, CA with my husband for his job. Once a month we make this trip for meetings. He works remotely but everyone meets once a month at the main office. The meetings last 3-4 days, 7-8 hours a day. Typical workdays for most people.

I find many different things to keep me entertained. I visit areas that I love seeing and eat at places that are my types of places. I relax and refresh some of the time I am in CA.

The issue is always that long drive! It is at least 4 hours each way. I need to stop to let my poor body recover from being jammed in the car for at least one hour at a time. We also need to eat and put gas in the car. So, our journey takes about 6 hours.

Being stuck in the car is hard on my body. My muscles stiffen. My joints stiffen. Getting out of the car when we stop is interesting to watch as I need to pull myself out of the car and make sure my legs are going to hold me up!

It is also a hassle for my brain. Focusing for such a long time on the road drains me. I am exhausted after the drive and need to rest the day after. Not sleep, but I am less active. I guess I am recovering 🙂

That might make me sound old. I don’t really care about that. I hope we don’t need to do this too many more times. I really don’t want to keep making the drive. Not being mean, but I drive each way all of the way with the exception of about 1 hour. J drives only about one hour.

How long, dear friends, would you be willing to drive? Or, how far? Who does most of the driving?

Later dear friends!



A Little Funny

Good day! Or night 😀

My name might not seem common, but it is in certain areas of the world. Well, in South Africa lives another JC. I started receiving her Bolt receipts. I tried to contact Bolt, but could not get the receipts sent the correct person. Apparently, this lady uses Bolt almost every day. I see where she goes and how much it costs. Well, I looked the first few times, but now the receipts go to my spam box. 

My dear Readers, has anything like this happened to you? Let me hear your stories!

Housing 2

What type of home do you live in, Reader? I already covered several types of homes in my previous post.  I even mentioned that my favorite would be the single-family home. My thoughts on size have changed over the years.

My favorite style of home has been, as far back as I can remember, a Victorian home. Here is one for reference:  (Holmes County Historical Society photo)DSC_1890C-2-low-res

Beautiful, isn’t it, Readers? There are many varieties of this style. I had a dollhouse that was Victorian and that is where the love story began. 

I also wanted a huge house. I dreamed, as many girls do, that I would marry the perfect man and we would have many children and a few animals. I didn’t understand how life might work. 

After I was married and no children came forth, I still wanted a large home with plenty of bedrooms so my family could stay with me when they would visit. Plenty of space for everyone! Not just family. The closest friends could stay as well. My heart is honestly filled with love for people and would have loved to have many people around. During the holidays, there would be room for family and friends to gather around. I envisioned big meals and lots of cheer! Laughter and happiness filling the rooms as people exchanged stories or watched a ball game on TV or chased children through the house. And of course, there would be a huge yard in the back and front for everyone to have fun outside. So much love and warmth! It was a dream that has since died. 

Now, I see a smaller home. More like a cute cottage:  (Good Housekeeping)

cottage garden

Adorable, isn’t it? I love it! I feel calm and peace when I look at it. Gardens filled with fragrant flowers and beautiful trees and plants all around the house.  I would hope for a few acres of land beyond the garden areas for family and friends to have fun, children to play, animals to run around, and maybe a pool, hot tub, and a few quiet places for reading or reflection or just to find a moment of peace. Sounds lovely to me! 

The home would still have liberal room for gathering. That is still important, but not as important as it was when I was a bit younger. I find it more important to have an abundance of land to utilize for quiet gardens and outdoor gathering spaces. This makes my heart glad.

Above the style of the house and the size of the house is where the house is located. My heart prays daily that I will find my way to my family and have a home near them. THAT thought brings me happiness ❤ 




Happy new week, Readers!

I have lived in many types of housing. I have lived in apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and, currently, a single-family home.

Condominiums are the worst. I was renting, but that is not the point. The HOA and those rules! Ugh! The worst! I also don’t understand buying a place that is basically an apartment. If you own a condo, please tell me what you really like about it.

Apartments are great for beginning housing. Some are very small and do not have a separate bedroom. Some are large and have 3-4 separate bedrooms and, usually, 2+ bathrooms. Some allow pets. There is usually a laundry area in the building or even within the unit. Maintenance is part of the contract. The lawns are taken care of by the management company. All of the amenities are taken care of by the building management.

Townhouses can be rented or purchased. I grew up in a row home. To me, that is what townhouses closely resemble. Styles vary. There are one, two, and three-story townhouses. Most have a garage.  Often they are in communities behind gates. The owners pay HOA fees and, like the condominiums, there are rules. I cannot buy something then be told I cannot have this plant, that dog, add a shed, etc. without contacting the board, the group of people that make the rules and decisions on what can and cannot be done within the community.

That leaves the single-family home. The largest amount of style variety and size variety. Variety in the amount of land that comes with the home. The shape of the home can be as interesting as you can imagine. This is the type of home for me! Variety is crucial. Owning the place and changing what you want when you want is also very crucial. 

What type of home would you prefer, my dear readers? Share your thoughts ❤ 

September 11th

My dear Readers,


Heartbreaking. Please tell your children about this. Please make sure it is never forgotten. Never let people believe that “Some people did something.” It was an attack on our nation.

This. This is why we need borders. Walls. Vetting.

This. This is why we need a strong military. Why our right to have personal gun protection should never be taken away.

This. This is why we need to be strong. Be united. Take care of our own people.

Never again. No more.


Story a Day Story 1

A  beautiful horse galloped along the edge of the water. The lovely black steed ran like the wind, nearly crashing into the pier at the other end of the beach. The sudden stop was ended by loud whinnies and frantic pacing.

I stopped running and caught my breath before continuing towards my wayward animal. Once in front of him, I sigh and shake my head. “What will I do with you, Meán Oíche?”

He stops pacing and allows me to approach. I offer my hand and he gently nibbles at it. Taking his reins, I gently tug and he walks forward, putting his head on my shoulder and gently bumping his head into mine.

As we slowly walk towards home, I hear a voice to my left. I look but see no one. “Meán Oíche, let’s get home.”