Story a Day Story 1

A  beautiful horse galloped along the edge of the water. The lovely black steed ran like the wind, nearly crashing into the pier at the other end of the beach. The sudden stop was ended by loud whinnies and frantic pacing.

I stopped running and caught my breath before continuing towards my wayward animal. Once in front of him, I sigh and shake my head. “What will I do with you, Meán Oíche?”

He stops pacing and allows me to approach. I offer my hand and he gently nibbles at it. Taking his reins, I gently tug and he walks forward, putting his head on my shoulder and gently bumping his head into mine.

As we slowly walk towards home, I hear a voice to my left. I look but see no one. “Meán Oíche, let’s get home.”

DASH-ing Along

About 1.5 months ago my GP told me I am heading towards a heart attack. My blood pressure is staying a little high even with 2 blood pressure pills a day. I am retaining fluid in my legs.
I was put on the DASH plan of eating. I still have not started. My eating has improved, but not nearly enough. 
I need to get this started!! Let’s see how the rest of this week goes!

Motivation part 3

I throw it all away when depression strikes. There is a really strange and depressing situation within my marriage. No, dear reader, I cannot explain more than that. I have read in medical journals and been told by a doctor and therapist that maybe I DON’T want to lose the weight. What?!? Of course, I want to lose the weight!! I think.

Deep inside, there could be a part of me that doesn’t want to lose the weight. If I am healthy and smaller, I will need to face the truth: It’s not my weight that makes J stray. (There is more to it but that is all I can put online!) I will know it is not because I am a big girl. It will happen no matter my size.

Now what to do?


For me, motivation and why are basically the same things. Daily I struggle with fitness. I feel the desire to eat healthily and exercise, but I don’t do it. Sometimes I do and I might even work at fitness for a week or two. I am always excited when I start and a pattern forms because I feel better. My motivation for delving into fitness is my health. I take eight pills a day (not counting pain pills) to manage my many medical issues. If I exercise and eat healthier, lose the weight, I will need fewer pills or none at all! Great motivator, right?? So why can’t I stay on track? Why do I fall off course and often take months to start again? Well, reader, that is what my next post will be about!!



How does one wake up cranky? This is a new day and new activities! Before I had the chance to think about the day though, I felt irritated and cranky. I was in pain. My body was contorted in a weird manner. I felt like I needed to be left alone for a portion of the day. I had things to do though and some of those things involved J. I was complaining and verbally snapping at him before too long. I apologized, but it didn’t matter since I was snapping a moment later.

I am still cranky. I want grilled cheese. I need an adventure. I hope I find it soon. Being in the house most of the time is driving me stir crazy.

(Neither photo is mine. Emoji is from Wikimedia and Sheldon is from Big Bang Theory.) “I want grilled cheese” is what he stated when he was very ill and wanted things to go his way and wanted to eat a grilled cheese. I say it now when I feel irritated and want things to go my way.

So now I am hiding in our home office and working through the crankiness and praying I feel better by the time J is up from his nap. (He had another bad migraine.)

Hope you are having a great day!

My question to you: What irritates you and how do you get past it?

Motivation, part 1

January 6, 2019  (yeah, this is when I started it!)


What motivates you, dear reader? Does your motivation depend on the situation?

Motivation is a form of the transitive verb motivate. In the definition, the word motive is used. Merriam-Webster defines motive as “ something (such as a need or desire) that causes a person to act” Could we say it is the ‘why’ of our day? The reason we keep going on tired days or start on bad days? Or, is motivation MORE than the why? Let me know your thoughts reader!

Library Books

Ah, libraries! Reader, I love books. Libraries house so many fabulous books. I have been in tiny libraries like the one in Shepherdstown, WV.  I have been wowed by large libraries like the Peabody in my home city of Baltimore.

There are grand libraries in many countries. The Library at Alexandria (Egypt) was during the time it was around. The Oxford Library in England is still among the largest. And the Library of Congress is huge. These libraries also hold many precious books and papers from history. Well, the Alexandria Library did at one time.

On a different scale, there are beautiful or exquisite libraries. Some of the ones on the list are The Peabody in Baltimore, the Old Library, St. John College, UK, and the Library at Trinity College, Ireland. Not all on the list are large, but all are quite beautiful.

I love the buildings and the books. The smell of the books. The look of the older books. Even the look of some of the newer books is nice. Tiny books or ginormous books…it doesn’t matter. I LOVE them! 

I borrow books often. I sometimes even read them. But, returning the books has often lead to huge issues. Why though, dear reader? I love books but I also know they are loaned to me and I must return them. Eventually, the books are returned. Sadly, I don’t read them quite often. I want to read them. I have the time to read them. So, why don’t I? And, if I am not reading the books, why are they returned late? A true mystery! I don’t know why to either question.

When I am able to visit a beautiful library, no matter the size, I make a rule that I am to read the book there. No borrowing!! 

But, once again, I find a gem at a local library and bring it home to become acquainted with my shelves and dust bunnies. 

Reader, what am I to do?

Do you love to read? 

What is your favorite genre? 

Do you enjoy libraries? 

Please let me know, reader!!

I Miss…

Thinking a lot about my days growing up. The neighbors. My family. Church. School. Things I said and did alone as well with my brother and the entire family Remembering how boring I thought Uncle John’s stories were when I was very young but loved them once I was about 14. So much remembering. Is this what happens once you reach 50?? I am not sorry at all.

What I am is missing those times. Missing my youth. Not my age. I don’t care about that number. I care about my memories. The wonderful feelings that are evoked from sitting and thinking about ‘how it was’.

My Mom LOVED the holidays. She was nearly like a little girl. Christmas was her favorite time of the entire year. And Christmas started as soon as Thanksgiving ended.

Boxes of decorations were brought out of the basement. Each one marked with the name of the lovely ornament or bobble or tree etc. that was inside. Some boxes contained more than one item. Some contained surprises. The extra items in the box were not marked on the box so SURPRISE! Mom loved finding these unmarked treasures.

Each decoration had a place. Every year a new decoration was added. My Mom handmade several of the decorations from my youngest days. The house looked like a Christmas store. I miss that. I miss my Mom’s infectious joy. Her eyes sparkled.

I miss the family gatherings. I miss waiting for Dad to be home from work to celebrate holidays and birthdays or any occasion. I miss the talking and the laughter and, on occasion, the tears.

I miss overeating on Thanksgiving after we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I miss my parents yelling at the TV during football games. I miss watching with true delight all of the Christmas shows every single year. Thankful that my Mom delighted in them so much so we were guaranteed to watch them ❤

I miss the stories my parents told of their youth. I miss Uncle John’s stories of his youth. I miss Uncle John wanting jelly eggs at Easter. Not jelly beans but jelly eggs. I miss his delight in my brother and myself opening presents and getting ready for church. I miss hearing his radio gospel music and him quietly singing. I miss the joy on his face when we took him with us to visit Aunt Ida. I am still sure to this day that he was in love with her. (She was NOT related to us. Aunt was a title of love and respect.) I plain and simple miss HIM.

What I miss is the family. The family that is not pretentious but loves to laugh and joke and hug and live a simple life. I miss MY family. The gatherings. The laughter. The joy and happiness and sparkle surrounding everyone. Making every moment special. Telling stories. Yelling at the TV. Watching parades on TV. Being together and being present.

Togetherness and presence are what I miss. Everyone is so busy and distracted. No one plays with the children or buys candy to wind them all up or gives them silly gifts that are just for fun (like bubbles). No sitting and actually watching the parade or the game. No storytelling. Not even in my family.

I yearn for my youth and what WAS. And, I cannot have that back. Dad and Mom and Uncle John are all gone. The decorations are lost. (Don’t ask. That is a VERY angry and sore point with me!) So, what do I do?

I pray to have what it takes to finally start my own traditions. Next year. Maybe find some of the older style lights and decorations. Find crafts to make my own decoration. Make foods and decorations and celebrations filled with my laughter and joy and happiness and sparkle. Take plenty of pictures and maybe even some videos. Share them with everyone ❤ Let my love and joy shine through!!

I might be 50, but I think I will have plenty of time to start and continue some fabulous traditions. Who will I ‘pass them down’ to, though?

Sometimes I wonder if not having children stopped me from trying. Trying to celebrate and decorate and start traditions. Not sure if that is true or not. That is not stopping me though!

I will decorate no matter where I live nor what type of home I have. No more Debbie Downer about no family or friends being around. Decorate for me I will…and my husband, of course. Share with others. Find my inner happiness and light and show it to the world!!

God and Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit will be with me…always ❤

I can and will do this. Thank you for ‘listening’ dear reader! Let’s see what the new year will bring ❤

Earning A Degree

If you don’t know, reader, I have been working on my vet tech degree for way too long. I feel the degree is a good one and will be useful. I love animals. So, it all fits!

But, what is my real passion? Writing!! So, follow my heart and passion? I will. I must finish the vet tech degree though. I have a very bad habit of not finishing what I start. This is how I will be breaking my habit of not stopping.

Wish me luck, reader ❤

Marriage: The Good and The Bad

October 28, 2018 1:17 am

Being married has been interesting. Are you married, reader? Have a partner? I’m the ‘old fashioned’ type. I like being married. Most of the time.

There are plenty of beautiful times. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Family gatherings. Date night. Vacations. Quiet evenings in. Celebrations. Better jobs. Better living quarters. Better car. Arrival of children. Holidays. Pets. More quiet moments that are quite treasured after a little bit of everything mentioned 😊

There are rough times. Losses of jobs, family, friends, homes, cars…all can happen and will test the strength of the people involved.  Financial worries. Difficulties. Arguments. Long nights. Doubts and fears.  Sometimes addictions come along and no matter what kind of addiction, it tears at the bonds of the marriage.

Holding the marriage together over time takes both people. Take the time to communicate. Take time to be alone together. Have fun together. Discuss life and the future. Be honest. Communication is often the key 😊